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Black. Non-Binary Trans Masculine. Cultural Worker.

My name is Roc and I am the  founder of Rooted Resistance. I am an educator and community organizer centered in work regarding race/racialization, gender, and body-centered healing movement. The entanglements of land, the active moving body, and labor.


My focus gives spaces to the historical context of which land, bodies, and labor connect.  on physical culture and the active body. Roc continues to make sense of their own experiences and find that the connections to others is not coincidental. Roc believes it's important to map out how individual stories and community narratives connect to structures that influence folx lives. Roc believes in collective stewardship and is committed to reimagining spaces for movement for B/I/POC Queer and Transgender communities. Roc is committed to justice and movement and

believes political education is not only critical to understanding the history of oppression, power, privilege, and how they manifest on individual, cultural, and systemic levels but is necessary for us to resist the reproduction of the same thing and create something different and more just. 

Roc received their Bachelor of Science in Sports & Leisure Management from Eastern Connecticut State University and received a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of South Florida. Currently, Roc is a doctorate candidate in the Department of Sport Management at Florida State University. Roc's inquiries include racial capitalism, racial geographies, decoloniality, and unsettling and reimagining critical sport studies. 


Sam(ira) Obeid

Poet. Indian. Activist. Lesbian. Scholar. Immigrant. Warrior.

Sam is our Director of Grants. She is a lot of things (read identities). But most importantly, Sam is all heart. Sam lives and breathes in words and justice. She write lines everywhere, words everywhere. On mirrors, post-its, toilet paper, brown paper bags, notepad, Instagram and in my head. Sam lives in the work that she does. Faces she photographs are pinned to her walls. Maps of subways in cities she loves and notes to places she hasn't yet visited cover her workspace. Sam doesn't believe in boxes or borders. Sam believes the human heart is fluid as is its body. We become who we build ourselves to be. And this is why the world fears us. This is resistance.



A little history. Sam was born and raised in India, moved to the U.S. in 2007. Sam went to the University of South Florida where she received a Masters degrees in Multimedia Journalism and Women’s & Gender Studies. Her full-time job is in non-discrimination work as Program Director at Community Tampa Bay. Sam's other full-time job is as a spoken word poet. The love of Sam's life is her pitbull, Sherlock.


If you're unsure of Sam's pronouns, just ask :) Really, it's that simple.



Queer. Multi-Racial. 

Mason is our Director of Marketing. She focuses less on attracting new people to Rooted Resistance and more on engaging our community base through our Quarterly Newsletter and dreaming up embodied language that manifest through our practices. Mason was born in South Carolina and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She has lived in the Southeast and Midwest, US. She comes to this work as an educator committed to the intersections of QTPOC, healing, and liberation. Her refusal to conform into prescribed molds of masculinity is just a part of what makes her beautiful.