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Sam(ira) Obeid

Poet. Indian. Activist. Lesbian. Scholar. Immigrant. Warrior.

I am a lot of things (read identities). But most importantly, I’m all heart. I live and breathe in words and justice. I write lines everywhere, words everywhere. On mirrors, post-its, toilet paper, brown paper bags, notepad, Instagram and in my head. I live in the work I do. Faces I photograph are pinned to my walls. Maps of subways in cities I love and notes to places I haven't yet visited cover my workspace. I don't believe in boxes or borders. I believe the human heart is fluid as is its body. We become who we build ourselves to be. And this is why the world fears us. This is resistance.

A little history. I was born and raised in India, moved to the U.S. in 2007. I went to the University of South Florida where I received Masters degrees in Multimedia Journalism and Women’s & Gender Studies. My full-time job is in non-discrimination work as Program Director at Community Tampa Bay. My other full-time job is as a spoken word poet. The love of my life is my pitbull, Sherlock.

If you're unsure of my pronouns, just ask :) Really, it's that simple.



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