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Our Centering Mantra: Stay Rooted

On March 19th we began a 14-Days of centering our "Stay Rooted" Mantra. Our goal is to offer these next weeks as a space to get connected to personal practices, rituals, music, words, techniques and processes you participate in that ground you-and keep you rooted. Staying Rooted in Tallahassee means having a physical space where queer and trans folx can congregate to reimage and build our futures. The Halfway Point (THP) is this space for and there's a community of folx who are working to ensure THP remains open.  We will be donating all Rooted Resistance merchandise sales from the month of March to THP April Rent cost. 

Download our 14-Day Stay Rooted Mantra Series.

Download our 4-Day Stay Rooted Mobility and Stretch Series led by Raphie.

Link to access videos is here

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